Fun Things To Do At UpsideDown!

We want to volunteer at an animal shelter! Lots of field trips! Make stuff like cookies and art and puzzles! Go camping! Make music in a band! Have a video game tournament with Mario Kart! We are gonna do EVERYTHING!!!

Introduction Thoughts

Hey people of the world! I know what you’re thinking. Why are you on this website, maybe you’re looking for information about a safe place your little person can come and be free. To the big people out there “parents”, if you want to talk to more parents about how your child feels or your own feelings. Upsidedown is about letting kids feel more freely about expressing their emotions. The following people who go to upside down can tell you how they feel.

Hey guys, girls, and gender neutral people! My name is Quinn! I am a member of the LGBTQ community, and a leader of Upsidedown and Insideout. As a person who belongs to quite a political family, I would like to make LGBTQ rights belong in America. My best quality is my artistic view and skills. Upsidedown and Insideout’s year is over May 27th, so join any time SOON!

Hey everyone im logan im a pansexual transboy who super proud! Upsidedown is soon much fun and i get to be me. i want everyone to have equal rights and fun and equality for all. i came out last year and im so much happier now. InsideOUT!